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MABS Android Development Project Overview

Project Description

The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) is a crucial state money advice service aimed at guiding individuals through financial challenges, debt problems, and promoting day-to-day cost management. The MABS Android Development project by Bhavi Technologies aims to extend MABS services to the mobile platform, providing users with easy access to essential financial tools and resources.


1. Debt Management and Prevention

MABS has a rich history of supporting individuals dealing with debt problems. The Android app will facilitate users in managing their debts effectively. Moreover, it will incorporate features to educate users on money management, helping them prevent falling into debt in the first place.

2. Face-to-Face Service Integration

For users requiring personalized assistance, the app will integrate a face-to-face service feature. Users will be guided to provide essential information about their financial situation before their first appointment. This information will include details about home life, income, regular bills, expenses, and existing debts. This ensures that the Money Advisers have a comprehensive understanding of the user's situation.

3. Debt and Budgeting Tools

The app will offer a section dedicated to online resources for debt management and budgeting. Users can access tools designed to assess their financial situation, analyze income and debts, and create a budget. These resources will empower users to take control of their finances independently.

4. Voluntary Arrangements and Personal Insolvency

Many individuals assisted by MABS reach voluntary arrangements with their creditors. The Android app will streamline this process, providing information about voluntary arrangements and facilitating communication between users and lenders. Additionally, it will educate users about personal insolvency options for those unable to meet their financial obligations on time.

Project Objectives

  1. Mobile Accessibility: Extend MABS services to Android users, ensuring accessibility to a wider audience.

  2. User Empowerment: Equip users with tools and resources for effective debt management and budgeting.

  3. Personalized Support: Integrate face-to-face service features for users requiring individualized assistance.

  4. Educational Resources: Provide informative content on voluntary arrangements, personal insolvency, and overall money management.

Target Audience

The MABS Android app targets individuals seeking financial guidance, debt management assistance, and proactive money management education.


The MABS Android Development project by Bhavi Technologies aims to make financial advice and resources easily accessible to a broader audience. Through a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of features, the app will empower individuals to take control of their financial well-being, whether through self-help tools or personalized assistance from Money Advisers.

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